With the automated processes we have in place, our robots create the clean and consistent finish that you are looking for in exterior building panelling. So seamless and refined they are the new way to create a beautiful appearance. 

We only use the highest quality paint with everything we paint, so the only thing that’s on fire is the looks!

Our innovative process and paints also allow us to tackle a lot of different concepts that designs and architects comes up with. This includes paint that is bendable without cracking or flaking, without the limitation of simply one dimensional flat surfaces.

Our paint is of the highest quality. It is so hard that it is fade resistant, regardless of the natural Australian elements that always put it to the test! 

Because we’re all about efficiency here, and we know you don’t want to have to be repainting your building in 3-5 years times. 

Our paint is designed to last, and look as good as it did on day one!

Because of the strength and durability of our paint, when designers and architects get an image printed onto a panel our clear coat is a popular choice, because when so much effort and resources are put into something you don’t want it to fade within a few months. Our clear coat leaves the design looking just the way you intended it to for years on end!